Previous Work


Here is a list of some of my Journalism work that has been published in Ka Leo, the University of Hawaii at Manoa’s student newspaper. Remember, this is just the beginning of what’s to come!

Transitions in Hawaii ReviewFebruary 10 2012

Taro SaturdaysFebruary 1 2012

From island to mainland (Part 2), December 6 2011

From island to mainland, December 4 2011

Deals and new experiences through Groupon, May 2 2011

Hula Grill proves to be an early morning gem, March 8 2011

Indian girls empowered by education, December 8 2010

Awareness month, reminder of the dangers of diabetes, November 3 2010


I’ve also been recognized for some of my photography. It’s quite a handy skill when you’re pursuing the field of Journalism.

Several Photographs including Self Portrait and Ciao Bella, ‘Artists of Hawaii’ accepts second youngest participant ever, March 16 2009 by Roger Mari – Accompanying KHNL News Package

Self Portrait, 1st Place, Hawaii Photo Expo 2008

Ciao Bella, Honorable Mention, Hawaii Photo Expo 2008

Hawaii’s Children, Honorable Mention, Hawaii Photo Expo 2007

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