About Me

Okay, I’ll admit it. I always put off writing an about me, because really, who wants to say that writing at length about themselves comes easy?

I guess I’ll start from the beginning.

I moved to the fabulous island of Hawaii when I was 11 years old (wow, has it really been 7 years?). When my mom told me my dad got a job in Hawaii, I couldn’t believe it. Me and my family, we were going to move to Hawaii: heaven-on-earth, tropical paradise. Everyone is going to live in grass huts and sip on coconut water all day long and have tiki torches lit everywhere!
Don’t worry. I quickly found out that no, those who reside in Hawaii don’t live in grass huts, subsist on only coconut water, or impose a great fire hazard by having tiki torches constantly lit around their grass huts.
Unfortunately, after about two years I caught island fever and it began to feel a little like I was exiled to an island. My true love has always been traveling the world – let’s go see London and Paris! Tokyo and Hong Kong! Give me the opportunity, and I’ll pack up and go anywhere. Experiencing new culture firsthand is like gold to me. Needless to say, seven years is too much to stay in one place.

I’ve come to the conclusion that pursuing a degree in Journalism will allow me to travel, write, and broadcast about my experiences in foreign lands. The people, the fashion, the food, and the overall culture.

Until I get my journalism degree, if I’m on an island might as well explore it, right? That’s what my blog is all about! I’m gettin’ down and dirty on this little rock called Hawaii and checking things out, deciding what is worth your time or money, so you don’t have to!

A few little facts about myself:

I am 18 years old come February 24th, 2011 and a Pisces. I don’t believe much in astrology, but I still read that section of the newspaper to see how my day should be going, just in case. 😉

I lived in California during the first part of my life, but never over two years in one place.

My favorite foods are Thai curries (mild cause I’m a wuss), oatmeal, eggs and salsa, and McDonald’s soft serve ice cream. I’m very close with my family and Skype my mom every day. I LOVE card and board games: scrabble, monopoly, clue, Egyptian rat screw.

If you are ever in college and need a board game partner, I’m your gal because apparently nobody else in college plays board games.

I’m extremely competitive at everything. Including the aforementioned board games.

I am 5’5″ but wish I was 5’7″.

Other passions of mine: Writing, photography, selling on eBay, thrift store shopping, eating healthy, swimming, sunbathing and reading, yoga, jump rope, coffee, weight lifting, Nintendo DS games, cooking and baking.

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